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"I started acupuncture to help treat several autoimmune diseases as well as anxiety. Acupuncture has been very helpful for stress, anxiety, and I believe really does help the body heal itself over time. The community clinic has been such a blessing to me. Being on a fixed income, I am so very grateful for this offering. The sessions are extremely relaxing and healing. I always feel better after having an acupuncture session, every single time. Today was a better day for me and after my appointment with Amanda, I reached a whole new level of calm. Amanda is gentle, welcoming, and has a calmness about her that is immediately felt. She is deeply caring and I am so fortunate to have met her on my healing journey. I would definitely recommend her if you are considering acupuncture to heal."


"I am a 31 y/o M and have been a firefighter for the last 8 years. I have a physically demanding job that demands a lot from my body. So when I injured myself off duty, I was in serious panic mode! I hurt my lower back so bad I could not walk, sit, drive a car, use the bathroom, or even stand without excruciating pain in my lower left back/ buttocks. I did not want to end up another statistic on pain medication just masking the pain for years to come! I wanted to take care of my body the right way and as natural as possible. I will admit I was sceptical of acupuncture at first just out of ignorance. Amanda treated me one time and 48hrs later I was 95% better/ pain free! She was open and honest with her approach to my situation and very slow and gentle. If you are reading this and are a sceptic like I was... Please give it a shot. I will say for me, it saved more then just my career... It saved years of pain, frustration, and doctor shopping just trying to find relief of some kind." -Kea

"My husband deals with "psoriatic arthritis" - I say this loosely, though it IS likely some form of arthritis. After going through doctor after doctor and just getting pills thrown at him, it was a relief to meet with Amanda and have someone who genuinely cares about his pain and willingness to help him relieve the pressure he has been experiencing in a natural and holistic way. He is excited to go back! And I'm excited that for once he is willing/excited to go - normally getting him to go to a doctor in Western medicine is like pulling teeth!" -Sarah

"Amanda has been one of the greatest blessings to come into my family’s life in a while. My brother was injured in a horrific motor vehicle vs pedestrian incident 5 years ago that completely altered his life. Trying to keep him healthy and his spirits up have been challenging. When our mother began looking for acupuncturist in the area was when we found the fabulous Amanda at Tacoma East Asian Medicine. After the initial consultation my brother’s energy and interaction changed dramatically!!! 😁😁😁😁 With Amanda’s work my brother has become a whole new person. She definitely knows her work and is amazing in her element. It has been a pleasure to watch her work with my brother. Her work has even gotten a few family members to join as new clients. I would absolutely recommend her to any and everyone looking for a great acupuncturist. SHES THE BEST!!!! - Monique

"After hurting myself at work I was very happy to learn that L & I allowed Acupuncture as treatment for my type of injury. I had never had Acupuncture when I met Amanda and so was naturally hesitant, but also really eager for relief from my pain!
Amanda was thoughtful and patient from the very beginning. Always concerned with my comfort and happy to explain anything, and everything, that she did- and why. (I ask a lot of questions) To my surprise, Acupuncture does not hurt.
Results- when I started 3 months ago I had considerably more pain and it was much more wide spread than it is today. I feel so much better and am extremely grateful to have worked through this injury, rather than medicate the pain, and I would recommend Amanda to anyone seeking alternative methods of treatment for pain relief.
Also, it is quite relaxing and Amanda Anuraga is an attentive and kind practitioner!"


"Amanda has a true gift! What may seem like VooDoo to some, she uses her knowledge and experience to help people heal and thrive. After experiencing leg pain and seeing a chiropractor, it was discovered that the issue was in my back. Amanda worked on this area and after just a few visits I am feeling better than ever. Thank you Amanda!" - Sheila

"Amanda is amazing! At 36 weeks pregnant I was in intense pain. My back was out and I was uncomfortable in general. I did weekly sessions with Amanda and when I found myself pregnant a week past my due date I was feeling great. I am grateful for Amanda, she is knowledgable, kind and very skilled in her practice. Cannot recommend her enough, especially to pregnant mammas." - Abi

"I am a huge and grateful fan of Amanda's thoughtful, intuitive, and expert work. She's been a trusted guide and is helping me learn more and care for myself. Cannot recommend enough." - Katy

"Amanda is a knowledgeable practitioner, is extremely attentive to patients' needs and the atmosphere is comfortable. She is the most genuine and perceptive specialist I have ever visited!" -Laura

"Amanda is a driven practitioner of eastern medicine and cares deeply for the people under her care. Anyone would be lucky to have her as a partner on their personal wellness journey." -Adam

"I have been seeing Amanda for over two months for acupuncture and she is wonderful. Very gentle, thoughtful and extremely knowledgeable. I have gained much relief from neuropathy in my feet and are working on several other areas where I experience chronic pain. One of Amanda’s gifts is her ability to listen to help her clients connect with their bodies in a positive way. I highly recommend Amanda!" - Anne

**All reviews taken from Google and Facebook pages.

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